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Is This Heaven Mariculture Fish

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"What we sacrificed to create Natria is unforgivable."

This fish was the last asset I needed to figure out for the movie and it had to immediately set the stage as to where the world had come to and why. It's not a pretty world, but it all works in juxterpose to the beauty of Natria.

As Mathildas Grandfather puts it:

"Let's not be too eager to revel in the fantasy of our own demise, for everything is a fantastical adventure until one lays alone, crying in the dirt, feasting on one’s own limbs...

...for fantasies tend to come true."

And within that statement also lies a meta RDF truth of sorts to my own dreams of having this film made...

So, I reached out to the legendary concept artist @ColieWertz and asked him if he would draw up a quick sketch, et voilà... here is my final model and his original sketch, and so fantasies, in their very incremental way, do come true (oh so slowly).


Bastiaan koch fish compwip bastiaan koch v14

Final model.

Bastiaan koch colie wertz fish

Conceptual sketch by Colie Wertz